Fees and  Procedure

It easy... just email me at butlers101@aol.com. Please reference "Art",  so it doesn't get lost in Spam or I don't fail to open it for fear of a virus or fill in the "Contact" form in this website - I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Or call me at 205-907-0700.

You should know that all work is hand drawn and painted - nothing is computer generated or edited. Only the best materials will be used to ensure the beauty and permanence of each work. The size, material and style will be discussed in detail before beginning.

The Process:  I generally work from a photo or photos to get the detail. This also works well for planning a surprise gift. Many times an email attachment will work, depending on the quality of the image. After receiving the photo/s we (you and I) will plan the portrait or art work to be done. Size, medium, background, image (head only or more), etc.

Next, I will do a preliminary sketch for composition - after the sketch is approved, a non-refundable 30% deposit will be required... prior to completion you will receive a "proof" or "progress report" for tweaking - minor changes. Minor changes can consist of a shadow here, a slight tint there,  almost anything, except composition or pose changes.

Most of the proofing can be done through email, however, I've had clients who don't do email and 'snail mail' works just as well or a visit to my home/studio.

Timing:  Generally a project can be completed within three - four weeks. Of course, we have to allow for shipping, proofing and the unexpected, sometimes.

Shipping and Handling:  After you've approved the finished work... it's prepared for delivery. This might include protective coating, varnishing, framing, etc. It will be packed and shipped via the least expensive method that will accommodate your schedule. This will be discussed and agreed upon before anything is done.

Fees:  Below are some of the most popular sizes with prices for single images (unframed).

                          Black & White                                        Color

                     (Charcoal or Pencil)                         (Oil/Acrylic, Watercolor, Pastels)

              9" X 12"....................$150                                 $250

            11" X 14" ...................$175                                 $275

            16" X 20"....................$250                                 $350

            24" X 36" ...................$400                                 $650

            30" X 40" ...................$500                                 $900

Other sizes are proportionately priced. Exact prices will be confirmed prior to commitment. 

Additional images in single work add 33% per image.

Framing:  Today many people are not framing art... the decision of whether to frame it or not depends primarily on the medium used. For instance, watercolor, pencil or charcoal must be matted and framed to protect them. This needs to be factored into the cost when deciding on a work. I don't personally do framing, but offer assistance such as creating a piece that will fit in a ready made frame or working with a local framer to ensure you have the look you're expecting.