Judy Butler

3850 River Run Trail

Birmingham, AL 35243


Phone:   205-907-0700


Again, it's impossible to show all the work I've done over the years, but at a glance here's a list that might spark an idea for you:

Angels and landscapes

Planes, trains, automobiles and boats

Alcohol bottles (yep, Jack Daniels to name only one)

Frozen deserts (yep, banana splits and ice cream sundaes)

Children's art (for a nursery in a hospital and homes)

Pet and people portraits in all media

Railroad depots and other landmarks (preserving the past)

Homes (old and new, paintings - not the structures themselves)

Designer art of Spices and fruits

Flowers, trees, oh yeah, and more landscapes

Horses, pigs, cows, tigers, etc. etc. etc.