Since I began painting full time, I have found that I still enjoy the different media my clients may choose. I've been fortunate to work with wonderful people all over the country from California to Texas, to Pennsylvania, and throughout Alabama and Florida, of course. 

Each art commission I do offers its own set of challenges, from capturing the essence of an animal or person in a portrait to designing a huge painting of flowers, color or landscape for a client's home or office - it's all fun and rewarding. In the end, my satisfaction comes from proving I can do it 'one more time' and knowing that I've shared my gift and helped someone preserve a memory or fulfilled a dream. Some would a say that my art for sale is a prostitution of talent, but I disagree. To me it's the sharing of a gift God gave me.

Finally, if you're interested. I grew up in South Alabama - have drawn and painted all my life. Self taught, so to speak, although I've received art scholarships and awards. My husband (Britt) and I have two cute pembroke welch corgis, who never cease to amaze us with their child-like personalities and antics. They're puppies forever.


After spending over 40 years in the retail advertising world, I'm now enjoying the challenges of sharing my talent with individuals. I still live with a "deadline" attitude, proving that some things never change. Those years of working with various businesses from fashion to food companies required me to work in varying media, as well as varying subjects. Thus, I found it fun to explore different forms of art from the drawing board to electronics. Over the years I have drawn and/or painted just about every image one can imagine. High fashion, food, race cars, even airplanes... depending of the company or client I might be helping.